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More Power at a Fraction of the Cost of Open Copper Tubes or Plastic Nozzles

AiRTX Air Nozzles are uniquely designed to drastically reduce compressed air consumption. The Air Nozzles harness the power of compressed air to do BIG blow-off, cooling and parts ejection jobs, without spewing raw compressed air and noise all over your plant. They are ideal for anything from a hand-held blow-off gun to multi-unit nozzle manifolds for conveyorized products of transfer lines. Even small air usage applications can show major cost reduction. AiRTX air nozzles generate high volume and thrust with low air consumption. Even small air usage applications can show major cost reduction due to energy savings. Demand on the air compressor is greatly reduced with AiRTX air nozzles, leading to equipment cost savings. AiRTX air nozzles satisfy OSHA requirements for noise as well as dead end pressure. The Hurricane Line of Nozzles provide the benefits of the AiRTX Nozzles but have greater thrust when power is needed for moving heavy objects, removing large amounts of liquids from parts in a short time, and larger air flows for quicker drying.
Air Knives Hurricane

Air Knives Hurricane
Air Knives Standard & Slimline

Efficient & Energy Saving for Drying, Cooling, or Cleaning

Air knives are the most efficient and energy saving method to deliver compressed air for large drying, cooling or cleaning applications. An air knife creates huge volumes of air with lower compressed air costs, by entraining surrounding air. Three models of air knives deliver air at 25:1 to 50 times the amount of compressed air used to help with your application needs. All air knives are available with effective length of 3″ (76 mm), 6″ (152 mm), 12″ (305 mm), 18″ (457 mm), 24″ (610 mm), 30″ (762 mm), 36″ (914 mm). Overall Length is 1″ longer than effective length to allow for air on either end. Custom sizes upon request.
Air Amplifiers

Air Amplifiers

The AiRTX Hurricane Adjustable Air Amplifier is used for quiet, safe and efficient ventilation, air conveying and blow off without electricity or moving parts. AiRTX Hurricane Adjustable Air Amplifiers do big air handling jobs with just a small amount of compressed air. Use them ducted or open, the same way you’d use a vacuum system, fan, or blower, to handle dusts, fumes or granular, stringy material. Output is fully adjustable without tools or air-wasting shims, making set-up a breeze. 5 sizes available in Aluminum and 4 sizes in Stainless Steel. In ducted applications, Air Amplifiers deliver amplification ratios of 12-25:1, capable of producing output flows of 100 to 2000 SCFM (2800-56,000 SLPM), using the factory-set nozzle opening. Unducted amplification ratios range from 36-75:1. Use Model 15008R and Model 15015R on the suction end for in-line conveying applications.
Air Gate Wipes

Air Wipes Gates

The Gate Air Wipe is a 2 piece hinged Air Amplifier that provides a high volume circle of high velocity compressed air. Gate Air Wipes amplify air at a 25:1 ratio, minimizing the amount of compressed air usage from items such as drill pipes and other home made designs. Gate Air Wipes have an open and shut design that allows for easy placement of products and movement. Gate Air Wipes are available in aluminum and stainless steel and come in 1″ (25mm), 2″ (51mm), 3″ (76 mm), 5″ (127mm), 7″ (178mm)
Wedge jet Nozzles

Wedge jet nozzles

AiRTX Wedge Jet Nozzles create a thin, high-thrust flow of air up to 25:1 amplification ratio. The Wedge Jet is available in 1″, 2″ and 4″ width, either in a standard unit or a high powered Hurricane model. All of the wedges are available in Aluminum and Stainless Steel.
  • No Shims
  • 25:1 Air Amplification
  • Highest thrust of any nozzle
  • Wide air flow
  • Reduce compressed air cost by 30-50 and noise levels by 30dB
  • Easy to control flow and force.  Instant ON/OFF

Adjustable air jets Airtx

Powerful Blow-Off with Lower Air Cost and Lower Noise than straight Compressed Air Tubes

The High Thrust Jet is not only a variable nozzle for blow-off and drying applications, but an industrial strength in-line vacuum for conveying dust, powders, and small parts. Don’t buy another compressor …changeover to AiRTX ™ Jets…cut noise and energy too!
Heavy blow-off and air conveying jobs can overwork your compressor and shorten the time between expensive overhauls. A 1/4″ (6mm) air tube uses the entire output of a 10-hp compressor, sending energy costs out of sight, hitting 100 dBA noise levels, and violating OSHA dead-end air pressure limits. Air Saver Jets give you an edge with air amplification. Safer and quieter, they amplify compressed air flow four times, delivering high thrust with a fraction of the air used by open air lines. Plant-wide changeover to Jets is like adding compressor capacity.
  • Cut your energy bill
  • Increase air flow with lower noise level
  • Reduce demand on your compressor
  • Give you a return on investment in weeks, if not days